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Welcome to the Haunted Library, a collection of comics and stories from the haunted library of me, Becca Lee (aka the Haunted Librarian).

Who am I?

My name is Becca Lee (they/them). I’m a comic creator and storyteller with a couple of advanced degrees and a love of the weird and macabre. My background is mostly in European history and writing, but I love ghost stories and demons, medieval and Romantic art, and of course, witches and butts (especially Fine Art butts 🤌).

I’ve been sharing my work on the haunted librarian instagram since 2019.

What can you expect from the Haunted Librarian Newsletter?

I share all my new comics here, plus writing inspired by that day’s comic. Paid subscribers enjoy a discount and early access to new print releases in my online shop, as well as monthly subscriber-only comics and essays.

I share behind-the-scenes artwork, weird and hilarious stories from art history, and occasional gossip from my personal life. I’ve been known to create lock screens and wallpapers inspired by some of my favorite comics, so there’s plenty of goodies for all you Haunted Librarian fans.

If you follow me elsewhere on the Internet, you’ll know that I love to share all my art and stories with a personal touch—this newsletter will be all that, plus extra goodies.

It’s all my best content, algorithm-free.

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🖤 Becca Lee, the Haunted Librarian 🖤

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Comics and stories from the haunted library of Becca Lee


a sad, strange ghost making up comics inspired by life, death, history, and the occult. i went to a lot of school and now i make jokes on the internet. please don't be mean to me.